Laboratory of Dr. Blossom Damania


LAB ALUMNI          

SCOTT DEWIRE, Ph.D. (Project Leader and Principal Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim)

EMILY WONG, MD/Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Albany Medical)

BRIAN BOWSER, Ph.D. (Research Scientist at Pharmaceutical Product Development)

CHRISTY TOMLINSON, Ph.D. (Scientific Consultant at DARPA)

TAMARA NUN, MD/Ph.D. (Instructor at Vanderbilt University)


CARLOS GONZALEZ, Ph.D.  (FDA Compliance Officer)

LING WANG, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor at East Tennessee State University)

STUART KRALL, B.S. (retired)

KWUN WAH WEN, MD/PhD. (Assistant Professor of Pathology, UCSF)

SEAN GREGORY, PhD (Manager, Life Sciences Research, Battele Institute)

CHRISTOPHER BENNETT, M.S.  (Resident at Harvard Medical School)

PRASANNA BHENDE, Ph.D. (Clinical Trial Specialist II at Parexel)

AADRA BHATT, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, UNC Chapel Hill)

PATRICK DILLON, PhD (Scientist, Argos, Inc.)

JOHN WEST, PhD (Scientist, Immunotherapy Center)

LOUISE GIFFIN, PhD (Scientist, Heat Biologics, Inc.)

SARAH JACOBS, PhD (Research Associate, Becton Dickinson, Inc.)

CAROLINA LIN, MS (Research Scientist, Ribometrix)

FAN YANG, BS, MS  (Graduate student at University of Miami)

CHARLES STOPFORD, BS  (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

NATHAN DISSINGER, PhD (Research Associate, Purdue University)

PENNY ANDERS, PhD (Postdoctoral Fellow, Lineberger Cancer Center)

YUGEN ZHANG, PhD (Research Scientist, Duke University)

KURTIS HOST, PhD (In the MD/PhD program finishing medical school at UNC Chapel Hill)

LINDSEY COSTANTINI, PhD (Assistant Professor, North Carolina Central University)

SHARON HOPCRAFT, PhD (Science writer, R&Q Solutions )